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The Marketing Leader's Guide to Selecting the Right CDP

The ever-expanding landscape of marketing technology means that finding the right customer data platform (CDP) is more challenging than ever.

Yet, as consumers continue to demand more from brands in regards to delivering highly personalized, connected experiences, this choice becomes one of the most critical decisions marketing and technology teams make.  

Join agency veteran and former CMO of Equinox, Seth Solomons, along with Simon Data’s CEO & Co-Founder Jason Davis, as they discuss Equinox’s CDP journey, including: 

  • Do you actually need a CDP? The problems and opportunities that can be solved with one - and the strategy behind it.
  • How to select the right CDP: It's hard since you need to align marketing (retention & acquisition), data, product, and IT. 
  • How to deploy a CDP: Minimizing risks and ensuring that you can drive outcomes in weeks, not months or years.

The CDP landscape can be confusing, and success can't be had by focusing on features and functionality alone. Learn how to select a CDP that's right for your organization and will help you exceed customer experience objectives.


seth-solomons-v2   Seth Solomons
  Eastlake Advisory Group


jason-davis  Jason Davis
  CEO & Co-Founder
  Simon Data